Studies suggest the left side of the brain controls logic, reasoning and language while the right controls creativity, emotions and motivation. This would suggest those who are dominantly right or left brained would excel in certain jobs. Left brain jobs typically are science, math, technology and engineering and tend to pay higher than right brain jobs like, theater, literature and arts.

Right brained people don’t need to fear being unable to get high paying jobs. There are plenty of great jobs available that use the skills of right brained people.

1. Graphic Designers

This field requires vision and creativity with technical skill. Using colors and text in a manner that is able to get the attention of people is a highly sought after skill. A graphic designer has to be able to listen to and translate the vision of a client into a working, logo, website or text. This career requires the ability to communicate, art, and creativity as well as computer skills.

2. Counselor or Psychologist

Due to the highly developed emotional side, right brained people make excellent counselors and psychologists. This is a profession that includes science but also lends itself to compassion. It requires the ability to think and guide people in a delicate manner which requires the skill to motivate.

3. Interior Designer

An interior designer combines colors, textures, lighting, and objects to design spaces that meet client’s needs. This too requires a mix of art and science as well as the ability to translate a customer’s vision into a physical space.

4. Managers

Right brained people are natural leaders. Retail or corporate management is ideal for right brained people. It involves people skills, motivation and the ability to complete goals and tasks. Managers are able to multi-task in chaotic environments and deliver results.

5. Recreation

The love of nature is common in right brained people. They make the best directors for recreational activities because they prefer being outdoors than in. Camp counselors and adventure guides combine the motivation, leadership and people skills making an enjoyable job for right brained leaders.

6. Arts

Those who are predominantly right brained excel in writing, drama and art. These jobs all allow this individual the ability to express creativity and translate vision into fine art.

Careers require the use of both sides of the brain. There is no particular “right brained” only job. Those who lean towards right brained dominance do better in jobs that allow for creativity, passion, nature and art of all kinds.

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