SUBTERFUGE – Le maquillage rend-il les femmes plus compétentes ?

De gauche à droite : visage non maquillé, maquillage naturel, professionnel et glamour (“New York Times”)

On sait depuis longtemps que les visages symétriques sont perçus comme plus avenants. Pour une raison ou pour une autre, les gens supposent que les personnes agréables physiquement sont naturellement bonnes et intelligentes. Une nouvelle étude révèle que les femmes qui se maquillent sont perçues comme plus sympathiques, plus compétentes et plus fiables.
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What Everyone Should Know About Office Politics

Harvard Business Review (HBR), June 2015 – By Dana Rousmaniere

Nobody really likes office politics. In fact, most of us try to avoid it all costs. But the reality is that companies are, by nature, political organizations, which means that if you want to survive and thrive at work, you can’t just sit out on the sidelines. If you want to make an impact in your own organization, like it or not, you’re going to need to learn to play the game. That doesn’t mean you have to play dirty, but you have to figure out how to influence those around you.

In our series on office politics, we asked experts to provide insights and practical advice for navigating the political playing field in any organization. Together, these pieces offer a solid foundation for learning the rules of engagement. Lire la suite